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In addition. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary The deliciously adaptable chocolate chip cookie stars in this charming book of more than 40 recipes. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.


Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data available. Oreo Double Stuf is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods. Maldon sea salt is a registered trademark of the Maldon Crystal Salt Co. About This Book We know that many store-bought chocolate chip cookies can hit the spot, but nothing beats the appeal of a homemade chocolate chip cookie, fresh out of the oven.

Cookie Basics Before we dive into the recipes, we want to address a few things so you can bake like a pro from the get-go. Start your free 30 days.

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Explore now. It's the perfect siren song for your coffee table and your kitchen, a homage to the spirit of the Pacific as translated by San Diego and its border influences, and a temptation to those who live in colder climes and dream of this iconic beachy SoCal lifestyle. This book celebrates San Diego art and cuisine. Designer makes the case for holiday table decor with a coastal theme. With 86 easy, 5-ingredient Dutch oven recipes, this compact Dutch oven cookbook can go anywhere you can.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are few pastimes more enjoyable tha … n camping. And as any camping buff will tell you, the less you have to bring Each chapter focuses on a different piece, and inclu … des tips on achieving delicious, healthy meals every time. This beautifully illustrated cookbook has a fully modern approach, and all the recipes make the most of fresh and readily available ingredients. This beautiful boxed set contains the first three bestselling cookbooks by Food Network star Garten.

This Recipe Organizer Book is a great way to conveniently store and organize all of your favorite recipes. This recipe book possesses a delicate design that will compleme … nt your kitchen beautifully. Included with this two-ring binder are 50 clear plastic sleeves which can easily store the included 25 two-sided recipe cards.

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Derrydale Cookbook of Fish and Game by L.

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De Gouy. New York: The Derrydale Press, Two-volume set Vols. Hardcover …. Rare collectible pair. With his multinational and ever expanding empire of thirteen restaurants, Nobu Matsuhisa has become one of the most talked-about international restaurateurs and arguably … the world's greatest sushi chef. In his first, long awaited book, Nobu The They all love nachos who doesn't? Though elite chefs have been using sous vide to infuse wine or alcohol with delicate essences for decades, its usefulness to crafting delicious libations is a very recent … trend.

This book not only provides the recipes for exotic infusions, but a myriad of delicious recipes for traditional and newly-created cocktails sure to please the most discerning palate.

Alcohol is a magnificent solvent and will extract soluble essences from just about anything put into it, and become imbued with the complex flavors of those things. The process is simple but can be time consuming. Sous vide cooking solves the problem for those of us without the patience to wait months for our limoncello or peach brandy.

It shortens the infusion time from weeks and months to minutes and hours. The actress presents eighty traditional recipes inspired by the television show "Little House on the Praire," with comfort-food dishes for breakfasts, picnic lunches, and … main courses, along with images from the drama and personal memories and anecdotes. Recipes for moist, tender poultry.

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Filled with kitchen-tested recipes for chicken, turkey, and game, as well as all the basic instructions for sous vide success, this boo … k will show you how to cook sublimely tender and succulent poultry every time. There is no better way to prepare poultry than through the sous vide cooking technique, which results in a perfectly cooked meal thats tender, succulent, and flavorful.

The vacuum pouch seals in juices while the gentle precision of sous vide cooking tenderizes, re-infusing rich flavor and preventing dry, overcooked meat. This book will show you the simple, sous vide way to consistently prepare poultry dishes worthy of a gourmet chef. Simple Recipes for Gourmet Grilling. Elevate your barbecue by incorporating sous vide cooking into the menu plan. By cooking the food sous vide in advance, each item can … be prepared at the ideal temperature and then seared on the barbecue just prior to serving.

The results are simply sublime: steaks and burgers cooked edge-to-edge medium-rare or however you prefer, simply dialed in. Ribs, so juicy and tender the meat falls off the bone. Chops and chicken that stay moist and tender. Perfect corn on the cob, vibrant veggies, tender potatoes. Even desserts! This book will show you how to do it all. Armed with the SousVide Supreme as your secret weapon, youll be cooking like a top chef and enjoying all the pleasures the barbecue season has to offer.

This year, take the stress, anxiety, and hours of attentive turning, basting, and stirring out of traditional holiday cooking with Sous Vide Holiday.

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Step-by-step instruc … tions and a selection of chef-tested recipes guide you through the simple ways of sous vide cooking. Filled with sous vide recipes for tantalizing appetizers, entres, side dishes and desserts, as well as tips for planning and organizing meal preparation, and full-color photos showing food presentation, this book is the perfect holiday kitchen companion. Shares gluten-free vegetarian recipes that star complex carbohydrates and high-protein ingredients, including options for every meal of the day as well as instructions fo … r preparing homemade non-dairy milks and nut butters.

Yotam Ottolenghi is widely beloved in the food world for his beautiful, inspirational, and award-winning cookbooks, as well as his London delis and fine dining restaurant …. And while he's known for his savory and vegetarian dishes, he actually started out his cooking career as a pastry chef. Sweet is entirely filled with delicious baked goods, desserts, and confections starring Ottolenghi's signature flavor profiles and ingredients including fig, rose petal, saffron, orange blossom, star anise, pistachio, almond, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Camp Dutch Oven cooking Beat on low, then medium speed for one or two minutes, until well blended. Stop to scrape down the bowl. Add the egg and beat on low speed to incorporate; stop to scrape down the bowl. On low speed, add the bourbon 1 tablespoon at a time, beating for about 20 seconds after each addition.

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Stop to scrape down the sides of the bowl. On low speed, gradually add the flour mixture, beating until well incorporated, then add the chocolate chips and nuts, if using.