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I was in ecstasy, I looked at him and I could see that he was the manifestation of God in human form, that he was pure love. Yet the remaining humans will be able to face the water and the fire and start anew. The disciples were scared but I was not. After 25 days Lisetta had to return to Italy to take care of her elderly mother, but through the years she went back to India several times. I asked Babaji what he truly wanted from the ashram and he replied that it had to be a place of transformation for people where they could purify their body and soul.

Photography thus became a distant memory and, although completely inexperienced, Lisetta ventured on a new mission without giving it a second thought. Nobody comes first and nobody comes last. We are all equal. In , while she was president of the center, Lisetta created la Voce di Cisternino, a bi-annual publication featuring essays, news and announcements of events taking place at the ashram. She penned Notizie da Cisternino, an editorial signed as Janki Rani. In , thirteen issues later, in her editorial, Lisetta announced that it was time for her to leave the ashram but she was still available to speak to whoever wished to do so.

I often wondered how I had been able to live in such a challenging communal environment for so long and I was looking for solitude. Personal connections brought Lisetta to collaborate with a former student of hers, Paolo Ferrari.

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Getting to know Paolo's ideas and getting close to music again was a real miracle. Up to that point I had learned from life everything I had to know and I was then living a reversal of roles. The teacher became the student. Lisetta is now living a new stage of her existence, the one she considers her favorite. Her life is exactly how she wants it to be, made of silence and solitude. I don't eat much, I drink only lukewarm water and I take care of the house. I don't listen to music. And when I am asked who has taught me how to take pictures, I reply, life.

Because I just looked at life. Following the New York show on the 5th, the group will head to the Richmond Folk Festival where they will have several performances. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino was originally founded in by Daniele Durante and leadership of the ensemble was handed down to Durante's son Mauro, an already noted percussionist and violinist, in Hailing from the Puglia region, the seven piece band and dancer are the leading exponents in a new wave of young performers re-inventing Southern Italy's Pizzica Taranta musical and dance traditions for today's global audience.

The band - Mauro Durante voice, frame drums, violin , Alessia Tondo voice , Giulio Bianco Italian bagpipes, harmonica, recorders , Massimiliano Morabito diatonic accordion , Emanuele Licci voice, guitar, bouzouki , Giancarlo Paglialunga voice, tamburrieddhu and Silvia Perrone dance — is critically acclaimed with 17 albums and countless live performances throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino celebrated its 40th anniversary in with the release of " Quaranta " 40 , an album produced by Ian Brennan, Grammy Award winner in the Best World Music category for Tinariwen 's " Tassili " album, and that features special guests.

Set to text by author Erri de Luca , and directed by Alessandro Gassmann , the song tackles the ongoing issue of immigrants from North Africa to Italy's shores. The group has been touring Italy with de Luca, presenting Solo Andata as an individual show.

Elogio della solitudine ; Rinuncia al mondo

Just to find out more about the upcoming shows, we had a chance to ask Mauro Durante a few questions before the beginning of the tour. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, in , the group released "Quaranta" 40 , which was cited in Best of the Year world music album round-ups by the likes of Huffington Post and PopMatters.

Tell us what makes Quaranta so special and what is the creative process behind the release of a new album. I believe that Quaranta is a very intense album. It originates from a reflection on Tarantismo Vocabulary definition: a nervous disorder characterized by an uncontrollable impulse to dance; popularly attributed to bite of the southern European tarantula or wolf spider and what is left of it today, in other words, its legacy.

We are proud of Quaranta's success and each album we release is a snapshot of what we are living through at the moment we are putting it together, as we write, play and dance. When we are in the embryonic stage of a new job, it's important to let it find itself, let it find its natural predisposition, whatever it may be. We are working on a new album that should be released in Its connection to New York is strong, both in genesis and production, but we'll talk about it more in the near future!

You are the author of most of the group's songs, what inspires you and what are the predominant influences on Canzoniere's music? I'm inspired by what I experience day by day, the music I listen to, my wife's glances, current events, and both the big issues and the little things.

Canzoniere sings about its present, and does so with both chants from the past, that are universal and therefore timeless and current, and with new, original music that tells who we are today. First and foremost, we are influenced by Apulian traditional music and by music from Southern Italy. We also are inspired by the music of the Mediterranean basin, the world's trance and dance music, and canzone italiana Vocabulary definition: an Italian song or ballad.

The term is also used to describe a type of lyric which resembles a madrigal. Let's not forget the impact of contemporary music, of the individual musical experiences of each band member and of the magic that is born from the coming together of all these different souls.

Artist performance

In Quaranta there are several songs created in collaboration with guest artists, such as pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi and singer-songwriter Piers Faccini. What's the allure of collaborating with others? Collaborating with other artists is always a great opportunity for growth and observation. Something unexpectedly beautiful can come to life thanks to the encounter between different and seemingly distant sensitivities.

I have collaborated with Ludovico Einaudi for six years, first on his music and then on mine when he was called to direct La Notte Della Taranta a music festival from Salento focused on Pizzica. There are rumors that Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino is currently developing a Taranta-themed theatrical production with the team that brought the showFela!

What can you tell us about that? We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to create a theatrical show in the US. Our manager, Mark Gartenberg , came up with the idea, which is similar to that of Quaranta. We have put together an exceptional creative, award winning team.

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The director is Niegel Smith , one of the most important emerging figures in American theater, Maija Garcia is the choreographer and Jim Lewis is the playwright. We have workshopped it in Salento last year and we are planning the next steps in order to put it on stage as soon as possible.

As Eataly opens Downtown the opposite will happen and the store will evolve as part of the rejuvenation of this part of the City. Yet after years of cleanup, construction, delays, projects and billions of dollars Downtown Manhattan is now florid. Eataly Downtown, which will be open from 7AM — 11PM, daily, will attract tourists and locals alike as everybody loves good food. At the press preview the concept was reiterated by a priest who blessed the site and explained how breaking bread together is an act of joy in partaking the gifts that God gives us.

Bread represents transformation, a live population of yeast working together to rise to the occasion. We break bread around the table to commence a meal, we share bread, and we crave bread in order to be fully satisfied. Humans cannot survive on flour and water alone. But bread?

Graham Joyce’s ‘Silent Land’: Brave and heartbreaking novel

The names might differ, the flavors might vary, but bread is bread. Each month, Eataly will celebrate a bread from any country of the world, inviting master bakers to lead demos and tastings. Indeed, the idea behind Eataly is simple: to gather all high-quality food, with a predominance of Italian food, and drink under one roof, where you can eat, shop, and learn. There is something for everybody. Retail entrance is between Greenwich and Church Streets.

Elogio Alla solitudine di Fabrizio De Andrè

Parma, Fiera di Milano, and Fiera di Verona. So overall, Italy is bringing about producers. Indeed, as the Trade Commissioner emphasizes, the percentage of mass market companies is rather limited.